Routes of Rosé, the wonderful Journey between Flavors and Nature

Experience to live in Puglia

Food & Wine

“Stam Street Food” –  Bari Vecchia Street Food Tour

“Stam Street” is a typical phrasal verb from Bari’s dialect which refers to a narrow and tiny place or street. That put out in our mind typical cunicoli and streets of Bari old town, beloved area of local and tourists and cultural and gastronomic heritage site. 

Get yourself lost in Bari vecchia tunnels.

“Orechietta DAY” – Orechietta Class in Bari

Women of Old Tow – became over the past years a city wine and food tradition symbols – you can prepare our famous orecchiette alle cime di rapa, following every step from mixing to baking. We’ll show you how this main course is made and will reveal some secrets: which kind of flour use, how realize typical ear shape on the mix,  and how to choose high quality vegetables and ingredients. 

We’ll tell you about the backstory behind this historical recip that in Bari has a unique taste.

Pic-Nic with a view - Tasting and a tasty lunch with view on the vineyards

Enjoy a unique and authentic experience in the heart of Tavoliere delle Puglie. Once you arrive at a famous Puglia winery you’ll get all is necessary for a perfect “en plain air” lunch: glasses, cups, plates, napkins, cutlery, a Extravergine olive oil bottle and a typical products selection. You can choose whether to sit yourself beyond olive trees, or vineyards or in the lawn, and you’ll enjoy a lunch in the nature tasting Casal Trinità excellent wines – presented by a staff member. 


Bakery Experience- Discover the secrets of the grains

Enjoy a fantastic coffee break beyond the vineyard’s shadow in a fantastic maison in the heart of Capitanata. Peppe Zullo Chef staff will teach you how to make bread, pasta and other delicious bakery products.

Choco Trulli – Sweet Dream in Alberobello

We’ll be in Trulli town: Alberobello, where you will be guide in a tour within Alberobello culture and traditions, ending up with a super sweet chocolate class lab. This lab will be Rosé theme: will create tiny chocolate threat to Susumaniello Rosé, with dried fruits and painted with matt shadows.

Authentic Experience

Bees and Honey EXPERIENCE

In a beautiful Valle D’Itria Masseria you can have the chance to be a bees farmer for a day! Respecting biodiversity and environment, you’ll discover every secrets of working with bees and you could taste different kind of honey and how to pairing them with other food products. 

Take care of your bee hive for a day and get yourself aware about bees and honey production world.

Horseback riding through Castel Del Monte

To those who want to discover a hidden side of Puglia, here is a ride among the unspoiled nature of Castel del Monte area.We’ll discover unique places and natural spots. We’ll ride horses led by super skilled staff, walking through incredible places.


live a morning dedicated to skin and body care and wellness with Ekostè company: is an beauty care company specialized in fruits based visage cream production, 100% vegan and natural. You’ll discover all their products during these special activities, along with secrets about getting the ultimate skin care ritual!

Looking For Flamingos

Do you know that Puglia is the favorite destination of Pink Flamingos? Enjoy a Margherita di Savoia Saline day, where you can discover charming places and a beautiful landscape. Led by our staff you can do a number of different activities, such as birdwatching, admiring  the most diverse species of voles found in this area, including the pink flamingo.

Parco Regionale dell’Incoronata by Bike

Spend your day in the heart of Puglia!

During the excursion the area is sheltered by Incoronata Wood, and you can go biking along the Park ailes enjoying nature.

Unusual Puglia

Halloween in Puglia

Don’t miss “Fuocacoste e Cocce Priatorjie” festival – and the Heads Falò in Putignano!

On November 1th Orsara di Puglia Middlage village light up is treets with little fire falò, with music, dances and a lot of good wine and food. Streets are lighten up by luminescent pumpkins,  showing the way for the souls of the dead to rejoin the living on this magical night; this parade of souls of purgatory is, according to tradition, observable in the reflections of the water mirrors of the basins placed on the doorways of houses.

Father’s Day in Puglia

In Italy we celebrate Father’s day on March 19. Matching Saint Joseph festivity, in Castelluccio dei Sauri old town you can witness San Giuseppe Falò.

Pig Day

A fetsival dedicated to ham and pig meat tasting takes place On First sunday of February in Faelo – middlage village -, with baked and crispy homemade bread typical from Puglai culture. Guided tours to ancient “salumerie” of the village will let you taste all the different products from Faeto. 

Easter in Puglia

The most beautiful time to visit Puglia is the Easter peerios. People from Puglia celebrate Easter during a week that begins with Sunday of Palms and ends with Easter Sunday.

Putignano Carnevale

February is Carnival period in Italy. The oldest Carnival in Europe is Putignano Carnival – Puglia, wich was celebrated first in 1390.

Every year since then, from December 26th to “Marted’ Grasso”, rituals, traditions, celebrations and activities take place among Putignano stretts, a mix between holy and profane. From Thursday to Thursday, from tradition to tradition, from float to float, we arrive at Shrove Tuesday, the closing day of Carnival and the grand finale at night. The 365 chimes of the Macaroni Bell officially mark the end of revelry and the beginning of Lent.