Puglia POP suggerisce itinerari di vacanze in Puglia autentici ed indimenticabili. E’ ora di conoscere questa inesplorata e magica terra pianificando un viaggio tra i due itinerari! Il nostro obiettivo è fornire percorsi ed esperienze uniche e personalizzate


“Puglia Enjoy! Wine & Food Experience” project comes from Puglia Region 16.3.2, PSR Regional project 2014-2020, willing to promote small independent operators commercial web system involved in sustainable and rural support in Puglia. Main areas are: Tavoliere delle Puglie, Monti Dauni and Terra di Bari. This project is stand and promoted by POP Pursuit of Puglia Consortium: an organization m ade by companies and entrepreneurs working in agricultural, gastronomic and touristic fields in Puglia. Essentially, cooperation involves the following companies:
  • Puglia in Rosé
  • Associazione provinciale degli olivicoltori di Foggia
  • Casa Primis
  • Le Grotte Winery
  • Caione Giovanni – Al Celone Agriturism
  • D’Avalos Osteria
  • Casaltrinità
  • EVOO Srl
  • Luigi Palermo Company
Promoting and enache wine and food, artistic, cultural and historical Apulian heritage is Consorium’s main goal. It'll cope working on the deep knowledge our company as about territory and throughout a partnership with GAL – territorial association – and turistic departments. Combined action of these two realities led us to a detailed planning of marketing strategies tourism oriented – for America target. As per latest international and national reports, American market is more and more interested in knowing Puglia in all its educational and authentic characteristics.


Puglia in Rosè

Puglia in Rosé is head of this project: it was founded in 2015 willing to create a Puglia companies network operating in wine business to promote and spread culture about Rosé Wine from Puglia – one of the most authentic products of the Region. Is a women founded and led company: Lucia Nettis and her daughters – Caterina and Roberta Baldini -,has been working for years in wine promotion among Europe and the United States.

Associazione provinciale degli olivicoltori di Foggia

APO Foggia is a fruit and vegetables produces organization which is made by 40 different cooperatives, 900 partners producers, 6000 cultivated lands hectares and 3.500.000 quintals of fruits and vegetables products. Operates within Foggia area willing to adapt member producers production and supply to the needs of the market, and concentrate, encourage, enhance and protect olives and extra virgin quality olive oil production.

Casa Primis

Casa Primis winery – seated in Stornalella, Foggia – respectfully opeerates in terms of territory and vineyards protection. Its production includes white, rosé and well structured, oak refined red: each wine comes from organic grapes. From 2017 every wine is organic certificated.

Le Grotte Winery

Le Grotte Winery is seated in Apricena, founded by Franco Dell’Erba and family. Franco Dell'erba is a well known local entrepreneur operating in marble field, in terms Apricena Marble mining, processing and marketing. This locality the second largest marble mining basin nationwide after Massa Carrara. Winery is born ro restore and renovate Apricena winemaking tradition, holding vineyards and grapes growing with soils rich in minerals for the presence of marble dust and pieces, extended for 40 hectares. Most authentic grapes here are Merlot, Syrah, Montepulciano, Petit Verou and autoctonus Nero di Troia. About white, we have Bobino Bianco, Moscato and Falanghina.

CAIONE GIOVANNI - Al Celone Agriturism

surrounded by the outstanding beauty of nature, and its perfect for those who wants to enjoy Tavoliere delle Puglie atmosphere and landscape. Its Restaurant Services are regional cousin oriented, and all products they use are at km 0. We have rooms and rural suites, whole equipped accommodations.


Seated in Troia old town, D’Avalos restaurant was founded in 1995 and named after an
ancient, aristocrat spanish family that inhabited D’avalos maison back in the ‘500 – began
then Troia City Hall. Concetta Tursi – D’Avalos Chef – and her family offers to her clients
unique dishes based on farmers cultural traditions and typical products of the area, with a
great quality food.


Casaltrinità si seated close to Trinitapoli (once called Trinitapoli): that’s enhance its
boundaries with this territory and its story. Each label will is to make Puglia a real example of the best Itanian wine producer market. After a long, gathering work, Casaltrinità finally
created the Tavoliere delle Puglie DOC Denomination with three types of wine: red, rosé
and Nero di Troia, with 19 cities and 10 wineries among this new consortium. The
approximately 600 hectares and 150,000 quintals of grapes are a daily challenge along the
path taken to enhance production.


Evoo is seated in Puglia, between Appenino Dauno and Tavoliere areas, surrounded by a territory rich in olive trees and history. Company’s activity is oriented at high quality olive Extravergin olive oil production, along with a right territory valorization, respecting Puglia olive olil making traditions. Evoo products indeed are produced in an artisanal way, no preservatives and dyes added.


The Palermo Luigi sole proprietorship has been in the olive oil, grain and wine production business since 1983. The combination of tradition and authenticity allows the company to offer an organic product that meets high quality standards.